Can I order more than one dish?
Yes, you can order as many dishes as you want, after selecting a dish hit “More Dishes” and find another main dish or change the quantity by taking on the quantity button.

Can I order from different restaurants?
No, we thought it wouldn’t be economical to charge you two delivery fees and have food arrive at two different times. If you would like to see this feature, please shoot us an email at support@hungryishere.com

Is Hungry secure?
You bet it is! All of your information is encrypted and stored securely on an industry leading security platform.

Who delivers the food?
This depends on the restaurant.  The restaurant may have in-house delivery or may outsource to other delivery companies.  Our goal is to get you your food FAST as we know you are HUNGRY.

Can I pick up my order?
We only offer delivery.

Can I pay in cash?
We only accept payments via debit or credit cards.  All major brands accepted.

What is the delivery fee?
This is the fee the restaurant charges to deliver your food.

Can I change the tip amount?
Yes you can, just tap the tip on the confirm page and enter your own value.  The default is set to 20%.

What is the minimum order?
This is set by the restaurant and is the minimum order value needed to get a delivery from that restaurant.  You will see a warning pop up if you do not meet the minimum order value.

If you couldn’t find the answer here, please send an email to support@hungryishere.com

 NOTE: Hungry only supports iOS 7+ and Android 2.3+

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